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For orders placed on our site, the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale are intended to define the conditions in which CBS Trading treats the orders made on its website cbs-trading.com. They apply to all orders placed by customers on our online store. We endeavour to ensure, to the best of our ability the accuracy and the update in real time, of the information published on this site and and we reserve the right to correct or modify the content of this site at any time and without notice. . We shall not be held responsible for
-any changes to the information provided on cbs-trading.com, resulting from damage caused by fraudulent interference or intrusion by a third party on our site;
-for any damage, direct or indirect, whatever the causes, origins, natures or consequences resulting from the fraudulent access of any person to our site, the impossibility of accessing it, its use and/or the credit is given to any information coming directly or indirectly from the latter;
– any information, false advertisements related to our products and services coming from persons or pages not approved, unofficial or not recognized by CBS-Trading. The articles sold on cbs-trading.com are the articles of Community-Business SARL; Items from our partners as well as those of our approved suppliers. The present general conditions of sale govern exclusively the sale of products offered on the site. They are accessible directly on our platforms by the buyer at the time of placing the order. Before validating the order, we strongly recommend that you first consult the content and description of each product in order to know its characteristics.


Placing an order on our website implies the buyer’s adherence to these general sales conditions excluding any other conditions mentioned in leaflets, and catalogues issued by CBS Trading, in particular those in use at Agencies or Showrooms, as these conditions have only an indicative value. The characteristics and essential information as well as the prices of our products are indicated on the product sheets of our online articles. By clicking on the “Place my order” button, the buyer confirms his wish to receive it and our customer service will then contact him/her for confirmation and delivery details. We will then send an e-mail and/or a confirmation message (SMS) with all the necessary details of the order.


The products sold on our website are exclusively reserved for the final consumer, that is to say, to any natural person not acting as a trader or wholesaler and having the legal capacity to make a purchase. Therefore, CBS-Trading reserves the right to cancel any order that does not comply with these conditions of purchase, such as an order for quantities of products exceeding the normal needs of a consumer, not complying with our shopping cart restrictions related to our promotional campaigns or abnormal order flows to the same customer and/or billing and/or delivery address.


In general, our orders are delivered within the times mentioned on our site and in accordance with your location and more precisely within the times summarised in your order confirmation email. The delivery times take effect from the confirmation of the order. In the event of an impediment, either due to a major incident or a sudden event, which does not allow us to deliver within the time limit, the delivery time will be extended according to the duration of the impediment.

We would like to point out that we reserve the right not to deliver orders that are delayed due to late and untimely supply by our suppliers and partners. The exemption from delivery implies that we are not responsible for the unavailability of goods from our approved suppliers and partners who have not intentionally agreed to bear the risk and expense of procurement and who have previously informed you of the unavailability of the goods as soon as possible. If the above conditions are met, the order will be cancelled and we will refund the sums you have already paid for the pre-order.

We are obliged to deliver only those items which are in stock or which we have ordered from our suppliers or partners. We deliver exclusively on the national territory in accordance with the city or locality of your choice as indicated during the ordering process. Home deliveries and deliveries to our authorised showrooms are currently only available in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé. For the rest of the cities and localities on the national territory, deliveries are made via the official agencies of our logistics partners whose addresses will be communicated to you during the processing of your order before collection. It is important that you provide us with all the necessary delivery information to ensure the proper delivery of your order.

The products sold on our site are invoiced on the basis of the prices indicated in the offer at the time of the order. The prices indicated in the total invoice at the last stage of the order placement are the final prices, excluding taxes at the legal rate in force. The item remains our property until the total amount of the invoice has been paid in full. The prices of the articles displayed on cbs-trading.com are prices excluding delivery costs. Indeed, depending on the amount of your order or the delivery method you have selected, you may be charged delivery costs. Upon receipt of your order, you are required to check immediately in the presence of the delivery agent whether the order is complete and whether the product is damaged. You must also ensure that the items delivered correspond exactly to what you ordered. Cases of non-conformity of the items received on delivery or any other possible complaints relating to the delivered order must be addressed within the time limits set (Returns and After Sales Guarantees) to our Customer Service Department by e-mail to [email protected] or by phone on (+237) 670206100, (+237)677768710

We can offer you different delivery services depending on the offers, the delivery address and the products ordered. Moreover, the amount of the delivery costs depend on the one hand on the articles, their weight and places of supply, and on the other hand, on your address of forwarding and the mode of delivery which you choose. Your address and delivery method are systematically reminded to you at the ” Confirm my order ” stage of the online ordering process just before the actual validation of your purchase.

However, subject to informing us via our Customer Service by phone, email or WhatsApp message, from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, it is also possible for you to come to one of our showrooms in Yaoundé to pick up your parcel during the above-mentioned time periods

Home delivery (Yaoundé)

1- The shipping costs of your order for home delivery to the address indicated at the time of your order are mentioned in the confirmation email that you receive following the online validation of your order. These costs applicable to your order depend on the items, their weight and place of supply, your delivery address and the delivery method you choose and are indicated on your paper invoice which is given to you on delivery by our delivery agents. For home delivery services, you will be contacted in advance by our delivery service. You will not be asked to pay any additional fees on top of the delivery costs mentioned on your paper invoice. We remind you that the said delivery amount, as well as the total amount of your invoice, is specified at the confirmation stage of the order process.

Delivery at a Pick-up Point: Yaoundé)

Delivery in our Pick-up Point in Yaoundé: The delivery in a Pick-up Point is free at Community-Business office. It is a fast delivery service with no extra charge. Once your order is available, you are contacted for collection at the pick-up point you have chosen when validating your order. The option of delivery to a collection point can be selected when you finalize your order online, just like the other delivery methods. It offers you the possibility of placing your order and collecting it from the point of collection or receiving your item the same day directly after the validation of your online order, within the limits of the stock available in our warehouses.

Please note that your parcel can only be kept for a maximum of 7 days in our pick-up points, after which we reserve the right to cancel it.

Delivery by a logistics partner.
For locations and cities other than Douala and Yaoundé, withdrawals are made at the agencies of our logistics partners. You will be contacted once the item has been dispatched for collection. The details and payment terms required are communicated to you when you confirm your order online or in one of our showrooms in Douala and Yaounde. Upon receipt of your order, you are required to check immediately and in the presence of the delivery agent, if it is complete, compliant and if the product is damaged contact us via our Customer Service in case of any complaints.
Please note that your parcel can only be held for a maximum of 3 days by our logistics partners, after which we reserve the right to cancel it and reship it to one of our branches. We will refund your payment through one of our refund channels.


Payments are made Online by Mobile Money.


The promotional offers on our site, sent by e-mail and/or by SMS, are only valid within the limits of available stocks and the period of validity of the offer concerned. If an item is unavailable following the validation of an order, we will make sure to inform you as soon as possible and offer you a substitute. In the absence of a substitute, we will inform you of the waiting time required for the reception of your order and simply propose a substitute. In the case of a pre-order, if you wish, you may request a cancellation by contacting our Customer Service Department and we will be obliged to refund you within 7 days.
In addition, any price reductions we may offer are only valid for the specified duration of the offer or promotional period concerned.
The products labelled as part of the promotional campaign are offered at a promotional price linked to the event only. The prices on cbs-trading.com are indicated in CFA Francs excluding taxes and excluding shipping or delivery costs and are likely to vary during the year, with the understanding that the products ordered are invoiced at the prices in place at the time the order is registered.
The delivery fees can be applied according to the offers or the exceptional period and are only valid for a period that we reserve the right to determine and to inform our customers.

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